38 Prettiest Warm Places in Europe in October + Hidden Gems [2024]

Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy - Where is Hot in Europe in October

If you’re wondering where is hot in October in Europe, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a lively city break, a peaceful nature retreat, or an island brimming with beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Europe, even in autumn.

This article is about all the most stunning and captivating warm places in Europe in October. You’ll not only learn about the best things to do in each of these destinations, but also special festivals and events taking place in October, as well as insider tips for planning your trip.

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🌍 Where is the Warmest Place in Europe in October?

The hottest place in Europe in October is Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain), with an average temperature of 68°-79°F (20°-26°C).

October is actually the best time to visit the Canary Islands, as you’ll avoid the high season crowds of November to March, and temperatures are not unbearably hot like in the summer.

Spain is the hottest country in Europe in October, with plenty of spectacular cities on the mainland to enjoy the warm October sun, too. You’ll find more details about visiting Tenerife and Spain in October inside this guide.

Tenerife in Canary Islands, the Warmest Place in Europe January
Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain) — the hottest place Europe October

😎 Where is Hot in Europe in October: Overview

Here’s a quick summary of where is warm in Europe in October. These are just a few of the destinations mentioned in this guide, but they stand out for various reasons.

  • ☀️ The warmest place in October in Europe: Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
  • 🎉 The best warm place in Europe in October for festivals: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 🏝 The best warm beach destination in October in Europe: Sardinia, Italy
  • 🏙 The best warm city break in October in Europe: Seville, Spain
  • 🧗🏻 The best warm place in October in Europe for adventure: Madeira, Portugal
  • 🐵 The best warm place in Europe in October for wildlife: Gibraltar
Sardinia, Italy - Warm Europe Destinations in October
(Sardinia) Italy — one of the best warm European countries in October for beach

☀️ 38 Best Warm Places in Europe in October

⛲️ Warm Places in October in Europe – Cities

38. Rome, Italy

🌡️ Average October temperature: 53°-72°F | 12°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 7

☀️ Why visit in October: There’s no better month than October to admire the vast history and rich culture of Rome. Extremely crowded (and hot) in the summer, the Eternal City sees a warm and mild October with much fewer tourists and lower accommodation prices.

⛲️ Admire fountains: Rome is a city full of beautiful fountains. From the world-famous Trevi Fountain to the lesser-known Fountain of the Frogs, these structures decorate every piazza (public square in town). Don’t miss the Fountain of the Leaky Boat in Piazza di Spagna!

🌅 Catch a breathtaking sunset: The Terrazza del Pincio inside Villa Borghese offers the most magical views of Rome at sunset. Talented musicians there provide the perfect soundtrack to a surreal view of the Eternal City. Try to spot famous landmarks from there — you’ll find a few!

🔥 Insider Tip: While Centro Storico is the best area to stay in Rome for first-time visitors, consider the neighbourhoods of Testaccio or San Lorenzo if you’re a returning visitor eager to experience the more local side of Rome (and the most authentic restaurants in town).

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Otivm Hotel (⭐️ 9.0) | Tree Charme (⭐️ 8.9)

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37. Lisbon, Portugal

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-73°F | 15°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 8

Lisbon in Portugal, One of the Best Places to Visit Europe in January for Warm Weather

☀️ Why visit in October: Portugal’s charming capital gets very crowded in the summer. In October, though, Lisbon sees a lot fewer tourists and its authentic beauty shines through. It’s also a lot more pleasant to climb all the hills in town in the mild autumn temperatures.

🏰 Explore UNESCO sites: The neighbourhood of Belém is filled with spectacular UNESCO sites. Don’t miss the majestic Belém Tower (which looks even better without the high season crowds) and the Jerónimos Monastery, which features unique Portuguese Gothic architecture.

🎶 Get lost in music: Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood of Lisbon and is characterized by picturesque cobbled streets and a charismatic vibe. It is also where traditional Fado music was born, and you can catch many spectacular performances in restaurants and bars there.

🔥 Insider Tip: On the highest peak of Lisbon lies the lesser-known Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. Be sure to head there to enjoy a spectacular view of the city without the crowds! This is definitely one of the best free things to do in Lisbon.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel da Baixa (⭐️ 9.5) | Tivoli Oriente Hotel (⭐️ 8.6)

36. Seville, Spain

🌡️ Average October temperature: 57°-79°F | 14°-26°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

☀️ Why visit in October: Seville is the cultural heart of the Andalusia region of Spain. In October, it boasts stunningly warm weather minus the scorching heat of the summer or the high-season crowds of April to June. There’s truly no better time to visit this stunning city.

💃🏻 Catch a flamenco show: Seville is considered by many as the birthplace of flamenco, a style of Spanish folk music that involves the guitar, singing, and dancing. Head to one of the many tablaos (flamenco venues) in town to get a glimpse into this traditional folk art.

🧿 Admire art & architecture: There are several places in Seville that are known for their remarkable history and architecture, which includes a mix of Renaissance and Mudéjar styles. Don’t miss Plaza de España, Casa de Pilatos, the Royal Alcázar, and the Seville Cathedral.

🔥 Insider Tip: Seville is also deemed by many as the birthplace of tapas. Don’t leave town without sampling the absolute best tapas at Espacio Eslava, a locals’ favourite.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla (⭐️ 9.0) | Hotel Ateneo Sevilla (⭐️ 9.3)

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35. Ljubljana, Slovenia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 44°-61°F | 7°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 9

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Warm Places Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: With its rich medieval history, luscious landscapes, and impressive Renaissance architecture, Ljubljana is one of Europe’s finest cultural offerings. In addition to lighter crowd levels at major attractions, October sees fall colours beginning to appear.

🧿 Revel in architectural beauty: Explore the city’s impressive Baroque and Vienna Secession buildings, and admire the more modernist, post-WWII architecture in the city centre. Visit the iconic Triple Bridge, and head to Vurnik House for tricolour motifs and psychedelic patterns.

🌳 Relax in gorgeous green spaces: With Ljubljana’s sweltering summer season behind, the dropping fall temperatures are perfect for a stroll around the city’s green spaces. Some of the most popular ones are Zvezda Park, Park Tabor, and Ljubljana Botanical Gardens.

🔥 Insider Tip: Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city from Nebotičnik’s top floor terrace. Standing 13 stories tall, it’s a perfect (and free!) place to watch the sunset over the Old Town.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: uHOTEL (⭐️ 8.7) | Adora Hotel (⭐️ 8.9)

34. Monte Carlo, Monaco

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-68°F | 15°-20°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 6

Monte Carlo, Monaco - Hottest Place in Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: A playground for the rich and famous, Monte Carlo is an extravagant resort city-state boasting over 300 days of sunshine yearly. Temperatures drop only slightly in autumn, allowing visitors to explore the casinos and beaches in town without the crowds.

🃏 Try your luck at slots: The ostentatious Monte Carlo Casino personifies the city’s lavish reputation. Stroll through the marble atrium and admire the towering onyx columns of the gaming rooms. From slot machines to blackjack, there’s plenty to keep you entertained here.

⛵️ Sail the seas: Head to Port de la Condamine, which never fails to have several amazing vessels on the water. Although most are owned by Monaco’s wealthiest residents, tourists are welcome to charter a yacht or rent a boat to explore the beautiful surroundings.

🔥 Insider Tip: You may not be here for the epic Formula One races in May, but car fanatics will enjoy the vintage Car Collection of HSH the Prince of Monaco, which displays over 100 antique cars.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Metropole Monte-Carlo (⭐️ 8.9) | Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel (⭐️ 8.7)

33. Athens, Greece

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-73°F | 15°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 3

Athens, Greece - Europe Backpacking Itinerary 3 Weeks

☀️ Why visit in October: Steeped in history and brimming with culture, Athens is a real Balkan gem. However, it’s usually way too crowded and unbearably hot in the summer. In October, most tourists will have gone home, rooms are cheaper, and local culture shines through.

🏛 Step back in time: The world-famous Acropolis is the crown jewel of Athens. This ancient citadel houses the Parthenon and ruins of other important temples. Step back to the 5th century BC and get a fascinating glimpse into Ancient Greece and Greek mythology.

🥘 Taste local delicacies: No trip to Athens is complete without trying the best gyros and souvlaki in town. Join the Original Gourmet Food Tour of Athens and let a local foodie take you to the most authentic places for superb Greek pastries, cheese, and traditional dishes.

🔥 Insider Tip: There are plenty of cool places to enjoy live music in Athens. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, or traditional Greek music, you’re bound to find a bar in town putting on a good show. Be sure to stop by Cafe Avissinia on a weekend to catch talented musicians performing!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Electra Metropolis (⭐️ 9.1) | Palladian Home (⭐️ 9.0)

32. Dubrovnik, Croatia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-72°F | 15°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 7

Houses and Historical Ruins in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia — one of the best places for October sun in Europe

☀️ Why visit in October: Dubrovnik is a picturesque Balkan town brimming with history and culture. In the summer, it’s usually swamped with tourists. October not only offers milder and more bearable temperatures, it’s also when you can sightsee in relative peace and quiet.

🏰 Explore ancient city walls: The impressive 1,940 meters-long Walls of Dubrovnik that encircle the Old Town offer spectacular vistas throughout its path. There are 6 fortresses built along these walls; be sure to stop by Fortress Lovrijenac for unbeatable Adriatic Sea views.

🌅 Catch an unbelievable sunset: You might never come across a sunset as epic as the one from the top of Srd Hill. To get the, take the Dubrovnik Cable Car. From the top, you’ll see jaw-dropping views of the Old Town, the Adriatic Sea, and the numerous surrounding islands.

🔥 Insider Tip: Taste some delicious seafood on the charming terrace of Fish Restaurant Proto; it’s the best place in town to have fish!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Prijeko Palace (⭐️ 9.1) | Hotel Dubrovnik Palace (⭐️ 9.1)

31. Porto, Portugal

🌡️ Average October temperature: 53°-70°F | 12°-21°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 10

☀️ Why visit in October: Porto is a very scenic historic city that usually sees large crowds of tourists, especially in the summer. In October, fewer crowds and shorter queues at attractions make Porto a lot more pleasant to explore. Stunning fall foliage also adds to the charm.

🧿 Get lost in ceramic tiles: A defining characteristic of Porto is the white and blue azulejos (traditional ceramic tiles) on its many churches and buildings. Admire this stunning colourful art at Igreja do Carmo, Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, Porto Cathedral, and São Bento Station.

🌉 Catch a spectacular sunset: No trip to Porto is complete without taking a romantic stroll on Luís I Bridge at sunset. From there, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the city’s ancient colourful buildings next to the Douro River. It’s hands down one of the best vistas in Europe.

🔥 Insider Tip: You can’t leave Porto without tasting delicious pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts). There’s a sea of pastéis de nata shops around town, but the best one is the Nata Lisboa chain.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Torel Avantgarde (⭐️ 9.0) | Hotel Dom Henrique (⭐️ 8.4)

30. Barcelona, Spain

🌡️ Average October temperature: 62°-73°F | 17°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 6

Gaudi Architecture in Barcelona, Spain

☀️ Why visit in October: Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and you can enjoy it in October without the summer tourist crowds. From artsy explorations to seasonal festivities, there are plenty of fun things to do there under the balmy autumn sun.

🎨 Admire Gaudí art: Renowned architect Gaudí has designed some of the most unique pieces of modern architecture, and most of them are scattered all around Barcelona. Aside from the famous La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, don’t miss Casa Milà and Casa Batlló.

🎃 Bask in the festivities: Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, which means you’ll find plenty of Halloween events put on by clubs and bars around town. Note that scary costumes are the norm here. For a different kind of party, don’t miss Oktoberfest in Plaça d’Espanya.

🔥 Insider Tip: Enjoy a remarkable 360° view of the city from Bunkers del Carmel. For another spectacular panorama, visit the amusement park on Tibidabo, the highest peak in town.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Arts Barcelona (⭐️ 8.4) | Vincci Gala (⭐️ 8.9)

29. Zürich, Switzerland

🌡️ Average October temperature: 46°-59°F | 8°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 9

Zurich, Switzerland - Warm Places October Europe

☀️ Why visit in October: Looking for a city break surrounded by nature? Look no further than Zürich. In October, this picturesque town offers mild weather perfect for hiking in the nearby mountains, stunning fall foliage sceneries, little to no crowds, and affordable room prices.

🏞 Enjoy spa with a view: One of the most scenic spots in Zürich is the Hürlimannbad & Spa. October is the perfect time to bathe in the thermal waters and enjoy various massages there. Don’t miss this spa’s rooftop pool, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city!

🍫 Go on a chocolate tour: Zürich is home to endless artisan chocolatiers, traditional confectionaries, and chocolate museums. Take a delicious Swiss chocolate walking tour to explore the city’s sweetest corners and taste the best handmade local chocolate.

🔥 Insider Tip: Switzerland is famous for its watchmaking industry. Experience a watchmaking workshop at the Beyer Watch Museum in Zürich to get an insight into local culture.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Scheuble (⭐️ 8.7) | Ruby Mimi Hotel Zurich (⭐️ 8.4)

28. Nice, France

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-68°F | 15°-20°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 6

Nice, France - Warmest Places in Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: Situated on the sunny French Riviera, Nice effortlessly blends vibrant Mediterranean culture with classic French cuisine for an unforgettable vacation. In October, the weather there is still warm enough for beaches while the tourist crowds have mostly left.

🏖 Enjoy fun in the sun: Nice is home to over 35 beaches, and October’s milder weather allows you to enjoy them without sun damage and overcrowding. Grab a cocktail and sun lounger before putting on a wetsuit and diving into the glittering waters of the historical Ruhl Plage.

🏰 Soak up the historical vibes: The Old Town of Nice is adorned with narrow cobblestone streets and red-roofed houses. Step back in time at the colourful Place Rossetti and the aristocratic Palais Lascaris. In the evening, hit the quirky Le Shapko club for energetic jazz.

🔥 Insider Tip: Fans of Orthodox churches should head slightly off the beaten track to find the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, one of the most impressive ecclesiastical buildings in Nice. It’s just around the corner from popular attractions but is often missed.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel de France (⭐️ 9.0) | Hotel Villa Rose (⭐️ 9.0)

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🏝 Hottest Places in Europe in October – Islands

27. Corfu, Greece

🌡️ Average October temperature: 57°-73°F | 14°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 7

The Lush Island of Corfu in Greece

☀️ Why visit in October: Corfu is a picturesque Greek island with turquoise waters, lush green landscapes, and a rich local culture. In October, the summer tourist crowds will have left, allowing the island to reveal its authentic beauty. Plus, it’s still warm enough for beaches!

🏝 Enjoy fantastic beaches: Corfu’s pristine coastline stretches for about 135 miles (217 km) and is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in Greece. Don’t miss the beautiful turquoise water of Palaiokastritsa Beach or the stunning coves of Canal d’Amour beach.

🥘 Experience local culture: Corfu is surrounded by idyllic mountain villages that showcase authentic traditions you won’t find in other parts of Greece. Explore the picturesque villages of Lakones, Pelekas, and Vatos to taste local cuisine and learn about ancient traditions.

🔥 Insider Tip: Head over to Nikos Family Taverna for some authentic local food and traditional dance performances.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Joseph Apartment (⭐️ 8.9) | Acanthus Blue (⭐️ 9.6)

26. Ibiza, Spain

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-73°F | 15°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Ibiza, Spain - Wheres Hot in Europe in October

☀️ Why visit in October: Ibiza is an exciting party city known for its dazzling nightlife. You can enjoy it in October without the unbearable crowds, scorching summer heat, and inflated prices. With bustling bars, boutiques, and miles of balmy beaches, this vibrant hub has it all.

Marvel at a light festival: Every October, Ibiza hosts the annual Ibiza Light Festival, where artists transform the entire historic old town (Dalt Vila) into an animated light show. Visitors can pick up local treats, participate in workshops, and listen to music from Ibiza’s top DJs.

🛍 Indulge in retail therapy: The hippy markets of Las Dalias boast over 200 unique stalls, which are infinitely more pleasant to browse without the onslaught of summer tourists. Enjoy live music, taste artisanal goods, and relax in a nearby tapas bar without breaking a sweat.

🔥 Insider Tip: Ibiza’s large clubs begin to close during October. For a few nights of decent nightlife, visit the city at the start of the month to catch a few closing parties.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel La Torre del Canonigo (⭐️ 9.4) | Aguas de Ibiza (⭐️ 8.5)

25. Santorini, Greece

🌡️ Average October temperature: 62°-72°F | 17°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Santorini in Greece

☀️ Why visit in October: Want to enjoy a top Greek island without the crowds? October is the perfect time to visit Santorini. Its dreamy beauty is more pleasant to enjoy without the tourist masses, the weather is still warm enough for beaches, and hotel prices are reduced.

💙 Admire blue domes: The picture-perfect village of Oia in Santorini is characterized by a sea of whitewashed buildings with blue-domed roofs. Photo opportunities abound here. Strolling the cobbled alleys next to these buildings, you’ll also get marvellous Mediterranean views.

🏝 Explore unique beaches: There’s no shortage of fantastic beaches in Santorini, but there are some that truly stand out. Head to the Red Beach to admire picturesque red cliffs met with shimmering blue water. Don’t miss the beautiful black sand Perissa Beach, either!

🔥 Insider Tip: Looking for romantic experiences in Santorini? Book a sunset dinner in Oia with romantic sea views, catch a film at the dreamy Open Air Cinema Kamari, and enjoy wine tasting at the beautiful Venetsanos Winery.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Santorini Main Square (⭐️ 9.2) | The Museum Project Oia (⭐️ 9.0)

24. Sicily, Italy

🌡️ Average October temperature: 57°-78°F | 14°-26°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

The Ancient Greek Theater in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

☀️ Why visit in October: Looking for a European beach vacation in autumn? Sicily is the answer. October is the perfect time to visit this dreamy Italian island. The weather is very warm, you can hike without the scorching summer sun, there are barely any crowds, and room prices are a bargain.

🏝 Enjoy the beaches: Sicily is brimming with gorgeous beaches, and fortunately, the October sun is still warm enough for you to swim in the crystal-clear waters! Don’t miss the dreamy white sand beach of San Vito lo Capo and the unique waterside cliff of Scala dei Turchi.

🥘 Taste all the street food: The Sicilian capital of Palermo is brimming with exquisite street food to try, from the well-known arancini and cannoli to more unique local specialities like sfincione (Sicilian pizza) and brioche con gelato. Be sure to take a street food walking tour!

🔥 Insider Tip: October is one of the best months to hike Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, as you won’t have to deal with the insane crowds of the summer. Note that to reach the highest craters of Etna, having a tour guide is required.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Etna Royal View (⭐️ 9.5) | Palermo Inn Boutique (⭐️ 9.2)

23. Mallorca, Spain

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-73°F | 15°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 6

The Coast of Mallorca in Spain

☀️ Why visit in October: Mallorca is a dreamy Balearic island in the Mediterranean and one of the best beach destinations in Europe. Visiting in October is perfect; the weather is still balmy enough for a swim in the sea, and the summer peak season crowds have gone home.

🌊 Enjoy beach fun: Mallorca boasts more than 300 beaches, and October is the perfect time to enjoy them without the crowds. Go snorkelling and sunbathing at Es Trenc, the most beautiful beach on the island. There, you’ll find powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters.

🐿 Explore cool caves: Venture deep underground into some of the most fascinating cave systems on the island. See spectacular stalactite formations and illuminated subterranean lakes in Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves) and Cuevas dels Hams (Caves of Ham).

🔥 Insider Tip: Mallorca is home to 70 wineries, and you can enjoy wine tours and tastings via the Binissalem DO region wine route, which encompasses 14 wineries and several towns.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: GPRO Valparaiso & Spa (⭐️ 8.5) | Castillo Hotel Son Vida (⭐️ 9.1)

22. Sardinia, Italy

🌡️ Average October temperature: 57°-73°F | 14°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Sardinia, Italy - Hottest Europe Destinations October

☀️ Why visit in October: Few places are as glorious in October as the island of Sardinia. Its warm beaches with turquoise waters are devoid of crowds, temperatures are mild and much more bearable than in the summer, and several cultural festivals take place during this time.

🎉 Enjoy a village festival: Every weekend from September to November, Autunno in Barbagia takes place in Sardinia. This festival is all about showcasing the island’s culture and ancient traditions, such as how local bread and pasta were once made, ancient crafts, and more.

🏝 Enjoy the beaches: In the summer, it’s hard to even find space on Sardinia’s beaches to sunbathe, but October brings a perfect mix of tranquillity and warm temperatures. Don’t miss the gorgeous white sand and crystal clear waters of Capriccioli Beach in Costa Smeralda!

🔥 Insider Tip: October is an amazing time to hike in Sardinia without the scorching heat. Don’t miss the stunning trails in Gennargentu National Park and Gulf of Orosei!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Palazzo Doglio (⭐️ 8.9) | Villaggio Turchese (⭐️ 8.7)

21. Valletta, Malta

🌡️ Average October temperature: 64°-77°F | 18°-25°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

The Cityscape of Valletta, The Capital of Malta

☀️ Why visit in October: Malta’s capital of Valletta is a dynamic hub of history and culture. It’s also one of the sunniest cities in Europe. In October, you can enjoy the festivals and beaches there in splendidly warm weather, and the massive summer crowds would have left too.

🎉 Enjoy a nocturnal festival: Every October, the streets of Valetta are lit up for the Notte Bianca celebration, a spectacular nocturnal festival. Museums, restaurants, and cafes stay open far past closing time, and piazzas and shopping streets are ripe with local entertainers, impromptu flash mobs, and delicious street food stalls.

🏰 Witness history & architecture: Step inside St. John’s Co-Cathedral and admire its opulent Baroque interior and flamboyant decorations. Then, explore the monumental Grandmaster’s Palace for a glimpse into the lives of the Knights of Malta, who built several forts in the area.

🔥 Insider Tip: Don’t miss the Upper Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views of the city and the Grand Harbour. If you look hard enough, you’ll even spot the town of Birgu on the horizon!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Ursulino Valletta (⭐️ 9.5) | 66 Saint Paul’s & Spa (⭐️ 9.2)

20. Canary Islands, Spain

🌡️ Average October temperature: 64°-79°F | 18°-26°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 2

The Island of Tenerife, The Warmest Place Europe January
(Canary Islands) Spain — warmest country in Europe in October

☀️ Why visit in October: The breathtaking Canary Islands are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and beach loungers. October is the perfect time to visit them as you’ll avoid the peak season of December to February, the weather is absolutely glorious, and hotel prices are a bargain.

🐬 Experience marine life: Wildlife-spotting opportunities abound in the Canary Islands. Take an unforgettable whale and dolphin watching tour in Tenerife; observe these adorable marine creatures in their natural habitat before snorkelling with turtles on a secluded bay!

🌋 Chase the volcanoes: The dormant volcanoes of Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote offer other-worldly landscapes that resemble Mars. This park cannot be explored on foot, but you can see and learn all about its unique geology on the Volcanoes of Timanfaya Tour.

🔥 Insider Tip: The island of Fuerteventura offers amazing stargazing opportunities thanks to its low light pollution. Some of the best places to lay down a blanket and gaze at the constellations are Corralejo Natural Park, Morro Velosa Viewpoint, and Mirador Sicasumbre.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Royal River & Spa (⭐️ 9.4) | Lani’s Suites de Luxe (⭐️ 9.8)

🌿 Warmest Places in Europe in October – Nature

19. Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)

🌡️ Average October temperature: 62°-73°F | 17°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Instagram Captions Travel - A Mountain in Gibraltar

☀️ Why visit in October: Situated on Spain’s southern coast, Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory with a unique blend of the two cultures and plenty of wildlife. In October, you can soak up the sun there without the crowds of January and February (the high season).

🐵 Meet wild monkeys: Did you know that Gibraltar has the only wild monkey population in Europe? Visit the famous Apes’ Den in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve to spot a whole troop of Barbary macaques. Beware: it is strictly prohibited to feed these cute creatures. They’re also pretty wild and do bite. Watch your belongings as they’re quite the troublemakers!

🐬 Spot cute dolphins: Dolphin-watching is an unmissable activity in Gibraltar, and you can combine it with a fantastic cable car ride, too. Dolphin-watching tours take place in the Strait of Gibraltar, where you can see 3 species of these adorable creatures in their natural habitat.

🔥 Insider Tip: While you’ll find plenty of English food in Gibraltar, be sure to try the calentita, a traditional Gibraltarian dish. It’s an oven-baked dish that looks similar to a dark flour pizza and contains chickpea flour, olive oil, and seasonings.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: The Eliott Hotel (⭐️ 8.3) | Sunborn Gibraltar (⭐️ 8.7)

18. Algarve, Portugal

🌡️ Average October temperature: 59°-73°F | 15°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 4

Lagos in Portugal, One of the Warm Places in January Europe

☀️ Why visit in October: The Portuguese region of Algarve is filled with epic landscapes and sandy beaches. This region is recognized as a surfer’s paradise, and October offers stunning weather for catching the waves, fewer crowds, and great bargain rates in hotels and resorts.

🏄🏻‍♀️ Catch the waves: Why is Algarve a surfer’s paradise? Due to its position in the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a guarantee you’ll see waves 365 days a year. Few destinations on earth can guarantee this! Hit the dazzling waters of Arrifana Beach or Amado Beach for top-tier waves.

🏜 Admire rock formations: Head to Praia da Marinha, a breathtaking beach surrounded by steep cliffs and incredible rock formations. Ponta da Piedade has more spectacular rock formations to see up close. Lastly, don’t miss the jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind Benagil Cave.

🔥 Insider Tip: There’s a secret waterfall called Pego do Inferno near the town of Tavira. It’s around 10 ft (3 m) high and has crystal clear waters underneath that you can swim in.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: 7 Styles Apartments (⭐️ 9.6) | Villa Monaco (⭐️ 8.9)

17. Cinque Terre, Italy

🌡️ Average October temperature: 55°-68°F | 13°-20°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 15

Flowers, Houses, and the Coastal View of Manarola, a Village in Cinque Terre, Italy

☀️ Why visit in October: Cinque Terre is a string of picturesque seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera. This outdoor haven is perfect to explore in October, when summertime’s tourists will have gone home. Plus, the cooler temperatures allow for more pleasant hikes.

🌿 Hike a gorgeous trail: The best way to explore Cinque Terre is via the 7-mile (11.3 km) Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail, which offers sweeping cliffside views and links all the five villages. Enjoy stunning sunsets, scenic beaches, and the most magnificent coastal views.

📸 Get a postcard photo: The most postcard-worthy viewpoint in Cinque Terre is from the walkway below Nessun Dorma Restaurant in Manarola. From there, you’ll see the epic facade of this colourful village built on the cliffside, next to the sea. It’s an absolutely magical sight.

🔥 Insider Tip: Each of the five Cinque Terre villages has its own unique charm. When deciding where to stay in this region, note that Manarola is best for romantic vibes; Monterosso al Mare is best for beaches and families, and Corniglia is great for some peace and quiet.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: La Torretta Lodge (⭐️ 9.3) | SoleMare (⭐️ 9.1)

16. Ohrid, North Macedonia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 44°-64°F | 7°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 11

Ohrid, North Macedonia - Hottest Places in Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: Ohrid boasts untouched natural beauty and mild autumns with plenty of sunshine. In October, the exodus of summer tourists will make this resort destination feel more laid-back; yet popular attractions, boutiques, and restaurants remain fully open.

💒 Marvel at unique wonders: The Church of St. John at Kaneo is the crown jewel of Ohrid. Concealed by lush forestry and perched high above sea level, this landmark overlooks the beautiful Lake Ohrid and provides unbeatable panoramic views of its surroundings.

🥘 Sample local cuisine: The nearby fishing village of Trpejca is renowned for its peaceful pebbled beaches and excellent food. Stop by Taverna Mrestillshte to enjoy a plate of belvica (a fish local to Lake Ohrid) or the mouthwatering gjomleze (a layered, crepe-like pie).

🔥 Insider Tip: Be sure to catch a sunset by the Ohrid waterfront. You’ll get a breathtaking snapshot of the Old Town and Samuel’s Fortress gradually lighting up in the dusk.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Lakeview Apartments Ohrid (⭐️ 9.7) | Villa Klia (⭐️ 8.8)

15. Andorra

🌡️ Average October temperature: 52°-61°F | 11°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 10

Mountains in Andorra - Europe Warm October
Estany Primer, Andorra — one of the best places to enjoy warm weather in Europe in October

☀️ Why visit in October: Andorra is a cultural melting pot that remarkably blends natural beauty with bustling boutique shopping. October offers pleasantly mild temperatures for exploring, and the city’s indoor springs prove the perfect tonic for cooler autumn evenings.

🌿 Be one with nature: Andorra is situated among the southern peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains, meaning it’s an amazing hiking destination. Enjoy stunning untouched nature and beautiful sceneries of mountains and lakes in Andorra’s three nature parks: Comapedrosa Valley, Sorteny Valley, and Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley.

🛀🏻 Relax in a spa centre: Did you know that Andorra is home to one of Europe’s largest spas? Spanning over 18 floors, the Caldea Spa in Les Escaldes is a sprawling spring complex that offers relaxing thermal baths, outdoor swimming pools, and various massage treatments.

🔥 Insider Tip: Boasting VAT rates of just 4.5%, Andorra is a veritable haven for shoppers. Barrel through the quaint boutiques on Avinguda Carlemany, and don’t miss the famous Pyrénées Department Stores.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Les Closes (⭐️ 8.5) | Eurostars Andorra (⭐️ 8.1)

14. Madeira, Portugal

🌡️ Average October temperature: 52°-62°F | 11°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 12

The Island of Madeira in Portugal, One of the Warmest Places in Europe January

☀️ Why visit in October: The archipelago of Madeira is bursting with natural beauty. Its lush rainforests, sea cliffs, and mountain ranges make for incredible outdoor adventures. October offers the perfect mild weather for exploring without the chaos of the summer crowds.

🌿 Explore the levadas: Madeira is famous for its scenic levada (irrigation channel) walks. These paths have some of the most breathtaking views on the islands. Don’t miss the Levada do Moinho to Levada Nova hike, the Bica da Cana – Pinnacle hike, or the Lagoa do Vento hike.

🌋 Swim in a lava pool: Madeira’s fascinating geology resulted in several volcanic pools that visitors can swim in. Relax in the Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools surrounded by surreal black basalt rocks. The Doca do Cavacas Gomes Pools are also great spots for bathing.

🔥 Insider Tip: Madeira has a vibrant food scene. Be sure to try Cozido à Madeirense, a famous local stew with salted pork, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. Another popular local dish is açorda, a bread soup with poached egg and garlic.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Quinta Jardins do Lago (⭐️ 9.7) | Hotel Baia Azul (⭐️ 9.1)

13. Positano, Italy

🌡️ Average October temperature: 66°-77°F | 19°-25°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 7

The Coastal Scenery of Positano in Amalfi Coast, Italy

☀️ Why visit in October: Positano is a breathtaking beach town nestled in the Amalfi Coast of Italy. In the summer, the crowds there can be unbearable. October allows you to see the real beauty of Positano without the chaos, and the seawater is still warm enough to swim in.

🚤 Take a scenic boat tour: Positano is insanely picturesque, and the best place to soak up the views is from the water. While you already get a fantastic panorama just by swimming in Spiaggia Grande, taking a boat tour to Capri and Sorrento is another great way to marvel at the stunning coastal landscapes.

🌿 Enjoy an epic hike: The Path of the Gods is one of the best hikes in Italy and runs between Nocelle (a short bus ride from Positano) and Bomerano. This easy hike takes you through some truly breathtaking coastal views, and it’s perfect to do under the milder October sun.

🔥 Insider Tip: Planning to drive to Positano? Be sure to look up your accommodation on Google Street View. The roads in town are so narrow that it’s very hard to do a U-turn if you miss your stop; you can be forced to go 15 mins the wrong way before you can turn back!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Casa Passalacqua (⭐️ 9.8) | Casa Dama (⭐️ 9.4)

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12. Azores, Portugal

🌡️ Average October temperature: 61°-72°F | 16°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 9

Azores in Portugal, One of the Best Places to Enjoy Warm Temperature in Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in October: Sitting in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Azores is one of Portugal’s most untouched natural areas. This stunning archipelago is perfect to explore in October, when the weather is pleasantly warm, and the peak tourist crowds of the summer are gone.

🐳 Spot large grey whales: October is prime time for whale watching in the Azores, as it signals migration time for the humpbacks. Hop on one of the many designated boat tours, which also come with stunning views of Pico Island and the limitless cliffs of São Jorge.

💒 Soak up history & culture: Admire the well-preserved colourful buildings of the UNESCO Site of Angra do Heroísmo, the cultural heart of Azores. While you’re there, get a fascinating history lesson at the Angra do Heroísmo Museum and meander down the quaint Rua da Sé.

🔥 Insider Tip: Be sure to stop by São Jorge Island for a taste of the delicious São Jorge cheese. Created with a trademarked recipe, this cheese is slightly spicy, buttery, and tangy. Don’t miss the lava plains and hiking trails on the island, either!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Furnas Hotel Thermal & Spa (⭐️ 9.2) | Hotel Verde Mar & Spa (⭐️ 8.8)

💎 Hot Places in Europe in October – Hidden Gems

11. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

🌡️ Average October temperature: 53°-72°F | 12°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 8

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Warm Places in October Europe

☀️ Why visit in October: The Balkan jewel of Mostar is an unforgettable fairytale destination that’ll transport you to another world. October is the ideal time to visit; the weather is warm but not scorching hot, accommodations are cheaper, and the peak summer crowds are gone.

🔮 Cross a fairytale bridge: Venture across the picture-perfect Stari Most (Old Bridge) to experience Mostar’s magical vibes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even dive from the bridge! Head to Lucki Most (a nearby bridge) to get the best photo angles of this bridge.

🧿 Browse the bazaar: Wander through the cobbled lanes of Kujundžiluk (Old Bazaar), which is brimming with souvenir stalls. Colourful, vibrant, and filled with handmade trinkets, this picturesque bazaar is perfect to explore in October, when it’s not jam-packed with tourists.

🔥 Insider Tip: The best views of the city can be found on the minaret of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque. There, you’ll get 360° views of Mostar and the iconic Stari Most bridge. It’s not the easiest climb, but it pays dividends!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Shangri La Mansion (⭐️ 9.5) | Guest House Goa Mostar (⭐️ 9.3)

10. Kotor, Montenegro

🌡️ Average October temperature: 50°-72°F | 10°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 14

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro - One of the Best Dream Trips Ideas

☀️ Why visit in October: Nestled in the Dinaric Alps, Kotor is a charming Balkan wonderland with historical vibes and spectacular natural beauty. In October, the weather is still warm enough for a beach holiday, while the crowd levels dwindle hugely, giving you free rein.

🏰 Explore the city walls: The impressive Kotor City Walls offer the most spectacular views in town. Climb the 1,350 steps to the top of these well-preserved walls, which date back to the 9th century. You’ll come across many churches, historical gates, and bastions along the way.

🌿 Hit the trails: Connecting Kotor with the neighbouring villages of Cetinje and Njeguši, the Ladder of Kotor is a hike that offers spectacular views of the Bay of Kotor and the Old Town. Along the way, you’ll also spot historical gems like the medieval Chapel of St. Ivan.

🔥 Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for felines in Kotor. Not only are they everywhere in the Old Town; there’s also an entire museum (Cats Museum) dedicated to them!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Apartments Bella Vista (⭐️ 8.6) | Hotel Forza Terra (⭐️ 9.1)

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9. Berat, Albania

🌡️ Average October temperature: 50°-73°F | 10°-23°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 9

Berat, Albania - Warmest Place in Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: Dotted with iconic Ottoman buildings and sweeping landscapes, Berat is one of Europe’s best hidden gems. Visiting in October means you’ll avoid the unbearable summer heat and the bitter winter cold, making it an ideal time to explore.

🖼 Admire unique architecture: Berat is often referred to as “The City of a Thousand Windows” due to the distinctive rows of Ottoman houses dotted across its sloping landscape. See the windows stacked up in the Gorica and Mangalem neighbourhoods before heading up to Berat Castle for unbeatable city views.

🏞 Praise Mother Nature: Explore the best of Berat’s natural beauty by visiting the stunning Bogove Waterfall and hiking up Mount Tomorr for breathtaking views. Don’t miss the Osumi Canyon for fascinating rock formations and a dip in the surprisingly tepid azure waters.

🔥 Insider Tip: Berat is regarded for its top-tier winemaking, and there are several wine tours to take in town. The best one is Nurellari Winery, which also serves artisanal cheese and olives as accompaniments!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Rezidenca Aurel (⭐️ 9.8) | Hotel Borklad (⭐️ 9.6)

8. Sofia, Bulgaria

🌡️ Average October temperature: 41°-62°F | 5°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Sofia in Bulgaria

☀️ Why visit in October: Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia is a multi-cultural city steeped in history, traditions, and nightlife. October is the perfect time to visit; the crowds of summer will have died down, giving way to rock-bottom prices and more space in the exciting local clubs.

🗿 Immerse yourself in history: Sofia is known for blurring the lines between the past and present with its enduring Roman, Green, and Ottoman architecture. Visit the ancient Church of St. George Rotunda and admire Alexander Nevsky Cathedral for a taste of Ottoman history.

💃🏻 Learn local folk dance: Experience the best of Bulgarian folk dancing at a “Horoteka” (a place where a traditional “horo” is danced!). With most Horotekas blasting regional folk music and serving delicious glasses of Rakia, it’s an unbeatable cultural experience.

🔥 Insider Tip: Sofia has a buzzing night scene, so if you’re in the mood for some fun, head to Once Upon A Time Biblioteka for great music, delicious food and cocktails, and a gorgeous setting. In fact, this romantic place is great even for just an afternoon tea!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Best Western Plus Expo (⭐️ 8.7) | 5 Vintage Guest House (⭐️ 9.3)

7. Paphos, Cyprus

🌡️ Average October temperature: 61°-79°F | 16°-26°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 3

Paphos in Cyprus, The Warmest Part of Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in October: Paphos is a coastal city in southwest Cyprus filled with art, culture, and historical wonders. In October, the weather is still perfectly warm for the many beaches in town, and sightseeing becomes a lot more pleasant without the summertime crowds.

🗿 Step back in time: The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a great place to learn about the history of Cyprus, as it houses an array of ruins from the Middle Ages and Roman Empire. There, you’ll also find the Tombs of the Kings, an underground maze of tomb chambers that date back to the 4th century.

🏝 Enjoy glorious beaches: Beach lovers are spoilt for choice in Paphos. This city’s coastline is brimming with turquoise waters and sandy shores. October is warm enough for swimming in the beautiful Blue Lagoon. For a buzzing beach resort and to partake in watersports, don’t miss the stunning Coral Bay.

🔥 Insider Tip: Be sure to grab a meal with a fantastic sea view at Tsiakkas Tavern.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: The Ivi Mare (⭐️ 9.3) | Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos (⭐️ 9.2)

6. Tbilisi, Georgia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 50°-68°F | 10°-20°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 5

Buildings in Tbilisi, Georgia - One of the Best Dream World Vacations

☀️ Why visit in October: Once a major Silk Road trading post, Tbilisi is a multicultural city home to eclectic architecture, rich history, and exquisite food. In October, you not only avoid peak season and extreme heat; there are also plenty of cultural events taking place in town.

🎉 Celebrate the city’s birthday: Every first weekend of October, Tbilisi celebrates the annual Tbilisoba, which marks the city’s birthday. This is the biggest festival in town and the perfect opportunity to soak up local culture and upbeat atmosphere. Expect lots of folk music, dance performances, traditional food, fireworks, and of course, wine.

🛀🏻 Unwind in a bathhouse: Tbilisi’s picturesque Old Town is home to the unmissable blue-tiled Orbeliani Bath House. Beyond its breathtaking facade lies many mineral-soaked sulphur baths open for visitors to relax in. Be sure to get a scrub massage while you’re there, too!

🔥 Insider Tip: Georgia is known for its mouthwatering cuisine. Don’t leave Tbilisi without tasting some khinkali (meat soup dumplings) or khachapuri (a local cheese bread).

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Art Nebula (⭐️ 9.6) | Wine Symphony Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 9.1)

5. Sighisoara, Romania

🌡️ Average October temperature: 37°-61°F | 3°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 12

the fortress and colorful buildings of sighisoara romania

☀️ Why visit in October: Nestled in the fairytale region of Transylvania, Sighisoara is one of the most colourful medieval towns in Europe. While summer offers ideal temperatures for sightseeing, October is just the right time to visit before the wintery cold starts settling in.

🌈 Get lost in a sea of colours: Sighisoara looks like a fairytale rainbow town. Almost every building there boasts a vibrant colour, and photographers will find it hard to take a break. Stroll down Strada Tamplarilor and Strada Turnului to see rows of rainbow-coloured houses.

🧛🏻‍♀️ Discover Dracula legends: Sighisoara is the hometown of Dracula (Vlad the Impaler). To hear his real story, head to Mystical Transylvania, a museum that, unlike many tourist traps in town, actually provides real insights into his life. Learn about his troubled past and discover why Romanians might not find him as evil as he may appear to be.

🔥 Insider Tip: No trip to Romania would be complete without indulging in a plate of papanasi, a traditional national dessert that’s essentially a fried cheese doughnut.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Casa Adam (⭐️ 9.7) | Hotel Central Park Sighisoara (⭐️ 9.1)

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4. Prizren, Kosovo

🌡️ Average October temperature: 46°-64°F | 8°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 12

Prizren, Kosovo - Warmest Places in October Europe

☀️ Why visit in October: Prizren, the historical capital of Kosovo, is a charming city full of spectacular mountain views, hiking trails, and fascinating Ottoman history. In October, the sunny but mild weather is perfect for hiking and exploring, and tourist crowds are minimal.

🏰 Explore an ancient fortress: Prizren Fortress may not be as visually impressive as it once was, but it’s an important part of the city’s Byzantine history. Constructed in the 6th century, this iconic fortress boasts old ramparts, winding defence corridors, and 360° views of Prizren.

🥘 Savour local specialities: Prizren is full of impeccable restaurants that serve delicious grilled meats, stuffed peppers, kebabs, and bureks (stuffed pastries). Indulge in a hearty plate of ćevapi (traditional skinless sausage) in Schadervan Square and head to the Hasi region for flavoursome mountain dishes.

🔥 Insider Tip: Visit at the very beginning of October to catch the Kosovo Architecture Festival, which offers architectural tours in Prizren and interesting workshops for history buffs.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Prizreni (⭐️ 9.3) | Hotel Tiffany (⭐️ 9.4)

3. Belgrade, Serbia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 48°-64°F | 9°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 6

Belgrade, Serbia - Warm Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: Serbia’s cultural capital of Belgrade is an underrated destination that offers plenty of October sun. The vibrant city’s expansive parks showcase a gorgeous range of colours in autumn, and the pleasant temperatures are perfect for a quiet stroll around town.

🎵 Lend an ear: October is the month of music in Belgrade. Every year during this month, the city hosts the beloved Jazz Festival and Belgrade Music Festival (BEMUS). Welcoming performers from around the globe, both festivals promise a vibrant explosion of sound.

🏛 Go museum-hopping: Belgrade has over 40 museums that offer great insight into local history and culture. Get a history lesson at the popular Museum of Yugoslavia, discover modern science at the Nikola Tesla Museum, and don’t miss the Museum of Roma Culture.

🔥 Insider Tip: The International Belgrade Book Fair takes place every October and it’s a great opportunity to find unique titles and mingle with locals. Offering books in several different languages, you’re bound to pick up a title that piques your interest!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Prezident Palace Belgrade (⭐️ 9.8) | Sky Hotel (⭐️ 9.0)

2. Yerevan, Armenia

🌡️ Average October temperature: 48°-72°F | 9°-22°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 4

Yerevan, Armenia - Hot Places in Europe October

☀️ Why visit in October: Nestled on the picturesque Hrazdan River, Armenia’s capital city offers an amazingly scenic and cultural break. While summers there are unbearably hot, in October, Yerevan sheds its infamous summer haze to offer tourists unspoiled views of the city.

🏯 See a giant stairway: The impressive Yerevan Cascade is the icon of the city. This imposing limestone staircase is surrounded by fountains and hosts a fascinating art museum. Climb the 572 steps to the top of the structure to enjoy sweeping views of Mount Ararat.

💒 Get lost in culture: Yerevan is brimming with history and culture, boasting impressive art galleries, grand Soviet-era buildings, and ancient churches. Marvel at the ruins of the 7th-century Zvartnots Cathedral, and head to ArtMix Gallery for a slice of local culture.

🔥 Insider Tip: Every October, Armenia hosts the much-anticipated Areni Wine Festival in the village of Areni, a pleasant day trip from Yerevan. Over 100 types of traditional wines are presented at this festival for visitors to sample, along with an assortment of national dishes.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Grand Hotel Yerevan (⭐️ 9.0) | Hotel National (⭐️ 8.9)

1. Baku, Azerbaijan

🌡️ Average October temperature: 53°-66°F | 12°-19°C
💧 Average rainy days in October: 4

☀️ Why visit in October: Baku is a unique city with a distinct ‘East meets West’ cityscape. It’s also home to a gorgeous coastline. October is the best time to visit this destination as the extreme heat of the summer will have cooled down to a pleasantly warm breeze.

🏞 Soak up the views: The best place to admire Baku’s gorgeous coastline is Highland Park, situated on top of a long flight of stairs. From there, you can enjoy the most breathtaking views of Baku, the surrounding Caspian Sea, and the iconic futuristic Flame Towers.

🌋 See mud volcanoes: Gobustan National Park is a very popular day trip from Baku, and it’s home to a third of all the mud volcanoes on earth. Get up close and personal with these tiny volcanoes; some of them even have mud bubbling inside. The mud actually contains minerals healthy for the skin, so use a bottle to bring some home with you!

🔥 Insider Tip: The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku has a very distinctive architecture, but don’t just stop there for a photo. Inside, centuries of history are broken down into engaging visuals. It’s genuinely one of the most captivating and educational museums out there.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Four Seasons Baku (⭐ 9.4) | Shah Palace Hotel (⭐ 8.6)

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🔥 Travel Tips for Hot Places Europe October

Now that you know about the best places to visit in Europe in October for sun, here are some essential travel tips to help you make the most of your trip.

🧥 Bring layers: Although the destinations in this guide experience warm weather in October in Europe, that doesn’t mean temperatures will stay consistently warm throughout the day. It also gets much colder at night, so bring warm layers and check that your hotel has heating.

🔮 Pre-book in advance: October is shoulder season for many European destinations in this guide, but the shoulder season is loved by many. Expect some crowds in certain popular places, and book hotels, restaurants, and flights in advance to snatch the best deals.

🚤 Check activity availabilities: While all the destinations in this guide are very tourist-friendly in October, some activities might operate at reduced hours or limited dates after the peak season of summer. Double-check water activities especially to avoid disappointment.

Azores in Portugal - Hottest Europe Country in October
Azores, Portugal — best weather in October Europe

🌟 More Tips for Warm Europe Countries in October

Santorini, Greece - Where's Hot in Europe in October
(Santorini) Greece — one of the best hot countries in Europe in October

🌸 Hot Places in October Europe: Final Thoughts

I hope this article has given you tons of inspiration about where to soak up the hot weather in Europe in October. From the dreamy islands of the Mediterranean to the hidden cultural gems of the Balkans, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re planning a longer trip to Europe, you might also want to read about the best 10-day Europe itinerary and the perfect 3-week Europe itinerary. Don’t forget that there are also tons of remarkable hidden gems on the continent!

Tbilisi, Georgia - Hottest Countries in Europe in October
(Tbilisi) Georgia — one of the hottest European countries in October

I hope you were inspired by these warm places in Europe in October!

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