34 Prettiest Warm Places in Europe in February: Secret Spots for Winter Sun

Corfu in Greece - Where Is Hot in Europe in February

Looking for a warm escape and wondering where is hot in Europe in February? Here’s a picturesque guide on the most stunning warm places in Europe in February, from the sunny shorelines of Spain to the hidden gems in Cyprus.

This guide is packed with insider tips, including the best spots to enjoy local food, the most unmissable activities to do under the winter sun, and travel planning tips. For your reference, all the destinations in this guide reach at least 57°F (14°C) in February.

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🌍 Where is the Warmest Place in Europe in February?

The hottest place in Europe in February is Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain), with an average temperature of 59°-68°F (15°-20°C). The Canary Islands have no real winter, and you can enjoy many outdoor activities there in February just like you would in the summer.

Spain is the warmest country in Europe in February, with plenty of spectacular cities on the mainland to catch the winter sun, too. In this guide, you’ll find a lot of details about visiting Tenerife and Spain in February, as well as many other warm European destinations.

Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain - Warm Places in February Europe
Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain) – the best temperature in Europe in February

😎 Where is Hot in Europe in February: Overview

Here’s a quick summary of where’s hot in Europe in February. These are just a few of the destinations mentioned in this guide, but they stand out for various reasons.

  • ☀️ The hottest countries in Europe in February: Spain, Cyprus, and Portugal
  • 🎉 The warmest city in Europe in February for festivals: Lisbon, Portugal
  • 🏝 The warmest beach destination in Europe in February: Tenerife, Spain
  • 🥘 The warmest place in February in Europe for foodies: Palermo, Italy
  • 💎 The best warm hidden gem in Europe in February: Aeolian Islands, Italy
  • 🐵 The warmest place in Europe in February for wildlife: Gibraltar
Aeolian Islands, Italy - Weather Europe February
Aeolian Islands, Italy – one of the best warm places to visit in February in Europe

☀️ 34 Best Warm Places in Europe in February

🌿 Warmest Places in Europe in February – Nature

34. Taormina (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 50°-61°F | 10°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 10

The Ancient Greek Theater in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

☀️ Why visit in February: The medieval town of Taormina is a luxurious Sicilian destination famed for its sweeping Ionian Sea views and remarkable ancient ruins. If you’re looking for a tourist-free getaway with unbridled access to attractions, February is a good time to visit.

🌿 Bask in Sicilian living: The Sicilian way is slow and steady, and winter provides the perfect chance to experience it. Stroll along the cobblestoned Corso Umberto and enjoy a cannolo from Pasticceria Roberto Chemi. Then, rest among the lush vegetation in the Public Garden.

🗿 Step into an ancient world: The most famed site in Taormina is its Ancient Greek Theater, which dates back to the 3rd century BC. Not only is the amphitheater beautifully preserved, it also hosts concerts. Climb its steps and be blown away by breathtaking ocean views.

🔥 Insider Tip: The amphitheater offers a great viewpoint. But looking for a less crowded spot? Make the 20-minute climb to the Chiesa Madonna della Rocca. This historic site comes with stunning Mt. Etna and Ionian coastline views.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Médousa Bistrot & Suites (⭐️ 9.1) | Relais 147 B&B (⭐️ 9.4)

33. Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)

🌡️ Average February temperature: 52°-62°F | 11°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Gibraltar, One of the Best Places in Europe January Weather

☀️ Why visit in February: With mild winters and quirky attractions, Gibraltar offers some of the best temperatures in Europe in February. Situated on Spain’s southern coast, Gibraltar is actually a British Overseas Territory and has a unique blend of the two cultures.

🐵 Meet wild monkeys: Did you know that Gibraltar has the only wild monkey population in Europe? Visit the famous Apes’ Den in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve to spot a whole troop of Barbary macaques. Watch your belongings as they’re quite the troublemakers!

🐬 Spot cute dolphins: Dolphin-watching is an unmissable activity in Gibraltar, and you can combine it with a fantastic cable car ride, too. Dolphin-watching tours take place in the Strait of Gibraltar, where you can see 3 species of these adorable creatures in their natural habitat.

🔥 Insider Tip: While you’ll find plenty of English food in Gibraltar, be sure to try the calentita, a traditional Gibraltarian dish. It’s an oven-baked dish that looks similar to a dark flour pizza and contains chickpea flour, olive oil, and seasonings.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: The Eliott Hotel (⭐️ 8.3) | Sunborn Gibraltar (⭐️ 8.7)

32. Lagos, Portugal

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-61°F | 9°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

Lagos in Algarve, Portugal, One of the Warm Places in January Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: Lagos, a stunning town in the Algarve region of southern Portugal, is one of the best hot places in February in Europe for dramatic coastal cliff views and hiking. Enjoy mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and deals of up to 50% off in hotels and resorts.

🐬 Explore the waters: Even in February, there are many water activities to enjoy in Lagos, from boat trips to kayaking. If you adore sea life, then take the best dolphin and sea life boat tour to watch these creatures in their natural habitat — an unforgettable experience.

🏞 Admire rock formations: Lagos’s coastline is lined with ridiculously picturesque cliff-like rocks. Ponta da Piedade is the most spectacular one, with incredible golden rock formations up to 20 m (65 ft) high. Admire them up close with a boat cruise tour of Ponta da Piedade.

🔥 Insider Tip: February is a great time to hike in Algarve, and just a short drive from Lagos is the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, a spectacular 6-hour hike with incredible coastal views.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Belmar Spa & Beach Resort (⭐️ 8.7) | Boavista Golf & Spa (⭐️ 9.1)

31. Antalya, Turkey

🌡️ Average February temperature: 50°-61°F | 10°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Waterfalls in Antalya in Turkey, With the Best Weather Europe January

☀️ Why visit in February: The coastal city of Antalya in southwest Turkey is a wonderful place to enjoy warm weather in Europe in February. At this time of year, there are fewer crowds in town, hotels and restaurants offer exclusive deals, and local culture becomes more evident.

💆🏻 Relax at a hammam: When in Turkey, do as the Turks do. The hammam (a Middle Eastern version of a steam bath) is a big part of Turkish culture. A short walk from the Old Town, Demirhan Hamamm is a favorite among locals. February is the perfect time to decompress in the sauna and steam bath there before going for a foam and oil massage.

🕌 Step back in time: Kaleiçi (Old Town) is the perfect place to soak up some old-world ambiance. Strolling the cobblestoned streets of this maze-like neighborhood, you’ll come across red-roofed Ottoman mansions, Roman ruins, elegant mosques, and art galleries.

🔥 Insider Tip: There are several stunning waterfalls near Antalya, and the best place to see them is from the water, on an Antalya City & Duden Waterfalls Boat Trip. The spectacular view of Karpuzkaldiran Waterfall from the boat is simply jaw-dropping.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa (⭐️ 8.5) | Akra V Hotel (⭐️ 8.8)

30. Cefalù (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 52°-59°F | 11°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 10

Cefalu in Sicily, Italy

☀️ Why visit in February: In the winter, when the crowds of the warmer months have gone home, the Sicilian beach town of Cefalù is perfect for those who enjoy charm and tranquility. From waterfront promenades to Medieval attractions, a trip here can never be boring.

🌊 Enjoy a seafront promenade: The most picturesque views of Cefalù are seen from the Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, a beautiful seaside promenade from where you can admire both the town and the big rock that overshadows it. While it wouldn’t be warm enough in February to take a dip in the sea, the breeze at the beach is gentle and perfect for a quiet stroll.

🏰 Explore Medieval wonders: Cefalù isn’t just a regular beach town; there are also plenty of historical attractions to see there. In particular, don’t miss the Lavatoio Medievale (Medieval Laundry), where women in the Middle Ages used to gather and wash clothes together.

🔥 Insider Tip: February provides the perfect weather for climbing La Rocca, the main rock protecting the city. The views from atop are simply spectacular. Wear good walking shoes as the path, though not difficult, is quite rocky.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Madonie Holidays (⭐️ 8.9) | Cefalù Caldura House (⭐️ 8.4)

29. Cascais, Portugal

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-62°F | 9°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 9

Cascais, Portugal - Temperatures in Europe February

☀️ Why visit in February: Cascais is a seaside resort town known for its sandy beaches and cliffs, lively marina, and alluring villas and museums. While this village is inundated with tourists in summer, crowds are nonexistent in February, giving visitors total access.

🌊 Marvel at coastal wonders: The Cascais beaches, rock formations, and cliffs are what draw most to town. In February, you’ll have it all to yourself! At dusk, head for Boca do Inferno, a sea-arch and chasm with awe-inspiring views. It’s the perfect spot to watch a sunset.

🎨 Visit opulent institutions: Cascais has more than just beach beauty – its historic villas and museums are impressive too. Tour the historic Santa Maria House, or admire the funky art inside Casa Das Historias Paula Rego. Don’t miss the Condes de Castro palace either!

🔥 Insider Tip: Day trips abound in Cascais. The town is a heartbeat away from Lisbon by train. Dying to see the magnificent Pena Palace in Sintra? There’s no direct train, but you’re only a 25-minute bus ride away.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Casa Vela Charm Guest House (⭐️ 9.0) | The Albatroz Hotel (⭐️ 9.3)

28. Azores, Portugal

🌡️ Average February temperature: 53°-61°F | 12°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 10

Azores in Portugal, One of the Best Places to Enjoy Warm Temperature in Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in February: The Azores are a stunning archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. February offers pleasantly warm weather to enjoy the stunning nature of this region. Plus, during this time, the crowds are fewer, and there’s no better time to relax in Azores’ many hot springs.

💦 Take a warm dip: The São Miguel island of Azores is a true hot spring paradise, and it’s the perfect place to take a dip on a mild February day. Head to Terra Nostra Park, home to the largest thermal pool in the Azores, and swim in its 104°F (40°C) water. Be sure to also stop by the tropical Caldeira Velha, which is home to three thermal pools and beautifully lush plants.

🐳 See large whales: There are magical sea experiences to enjoy on the Azores islands, even in the dead of winter. Join the top-rated Azores whale-watching boat tour to see whales, dolphins, fish, and turtles, and to admire stunning views of volcanoes and sandy beaches.

🔥 Insider Tip: Be sure to try some delicious corn in Caldeira das Furnas, where food is cooked naturally in the ground thanks to the bubbling water of the caldeiras (geysers) there!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Furnas Hotel Thermal & Spa (⭐️ 9.2) | Hotel Verde Mar & Spa (⭐️ 8.8)

27. Fethiye, Turkey

🌡️ Average February temperature: 44°-61°F | 7°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 11

Fethiye, Turkey

☀️ Why visit in February: Fethiye is a scenic city along southwest Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. While it is overrun with tourists in the summer, in February, you can soak up the winter sun there, stroll the peacefully empty beaches, go on a hike, and get to know the local life.

🎈 Soar above the clouds: Mount Babadağ near Fethiye is one of the best places on earth to paraglide thanks to its spectacular views, and it’s possible to do so even in February. Do this flight at sunset for the dreamiest views of the surrounding mountains and turquoise waters.

🗿 Explore mystical rock tombs: On the southern hills of Fethiye, you’ll find the ancient Amyntas Rock Tombs carved into the steep slopes. To reach these spectacular tombs – which date back to the 4th century BCE – you’ll need to climb a set of staircases up the mountain.

🔥 Insider Tip: Indulge in some delicious steak and drinks at the beachfront Carikli Et Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Sunset Beach Villas and Apartments (⭐️ 8.5) | Harbour Suites (⭐️ 9.3)

26. Albufeira, Portugal

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-62°F | 8°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

Albufeira, Portugal - Warm Places to Visit in February Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: The city of Albufeira is home to scenic sandy beaches, colorful architecture, and ample seaside activities. With cheap accommodations, mild weather, and virtually no tourists, Albufeira is one of the ultimate warm places in Europe in February.

🌊 Boat to a magical sea cave: Portugal’s Algarve region is brimming with oceanic wonders. Albufeira lays claim to one of the most magnificent: Benagil Cave. Take a boat to this hidden sea cave and beach, which will be blissfully crowd-free in February.

📸 Wander a whitewashed town: Old Town Albufeira is the heart of the city. The historic, quaint streets are adorned with traditional calçada designs. Get lost in the whitewashed alleys lined with picturesque shops, eateries, and cafes. This neighborhood is for photo-ops!

🔥 Insider Tip: There are some fun February events happening in Loule, a nearby Algarve town. Take the short 45-minute train ride there and join in on the parades and block parties of Carnival. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Regency Salgados Hotel & Spa (⭐️ 8.9) | Hapimag Resort (⭐️ 8.0)

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⛲️ Hot Places in Europe in February – City Breaks

25. Athens, Greece

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-57°F | 7°-14°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

The Cityscape of Athens in Greece

☀️ Why visit in February: Athens is known for its remarkable ancient ruins and mouth-watering cuisine that culture seekers will love. In February, accommodations and museum prices are slashed, making for an ideal mild-weathered, affordable winter getaway.

🥘 Taste scrumptious Greek bites: The Athens food scene is filled with endless choices. Taste the town’s best moussaka at K Filippou. Then, transition to the scenic rooftop Couleur Locale for souvlaki and cocktails. End with a kiounefe dessert at Nancy’s Sweet Home.

🏛 Access world-famous sites: While Athens’ world-famous archeological sites and museums are jam-packed in summer, February offers unbridled access to global treasures. Wander an uncrowded Acropolis, explore the Agora ruins, and delve into ancient history at the National Archeological Museum. 

🔥 Insider Tip: The popular Apokries festival happens in Athens every February. It involves two weeks of celebration leading up to Easter, from parades and block parties to theater and orchestra performances across the entire city.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Electra Metropolis (⭐️ 9.1) | Palladian Home (⭐️ 9.0)

24. Siracusa (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 42°-64°F | 6°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Siracusa in Sicily, Italy - Warm Weather in February Europe
The village of Marzamemi near Siracusa, Italy – one of the warmest cities in Europe in February

☀️ Why visit in February: Siracusa, on the east coast of Sicily, is an ancient city rich with Greek and Roman history, breathtaking seascapes, and a charming old town. Mild days and nonexistent crowds make February a quiet, relaxing time to visit Siracusa. 

🏰 Step onto an ancient island: Siracusa has a picturesque Old Town: Ortigia Island. Cross the bridge from the mainland to wander the maze of quaint streets lined with churches. Then, shop at the morning open-air market, and tour the Temple of Apollo or Castello Maniace.

🌯 Taste the best panino in the world: Every local you talk to will recommend you to have a panino at Caseificio Borderi. They’ll also tell you it’s the absolute “best panino in the world”, made with all the freshest Sicilian ingredients. Take their word for it!

🔥 Insider Tip: Close to Siracusa is the breathtaking fishing village of Marzamemi. Complete with narrow alleys, crystal-blue seas, and beaches, this town feels majestically frozen in time. To get to Marzamemi, take the train from Siracusa to Noto, then a taxi.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Caportigia Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 9.1) | Algilà Ortigia Charme (⭐️ 8.9)

23. Valencia, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 43°-63°F | 6°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 3

Valencia, Spain - Warm Weather Europe February

☀️ Why visit in February: The coastal city of Valencia is known for its pristine beach weather, slow-paced culture, and remarkable architecture. As one of the best hot cities in Europe in February, it boasts mild winter temps, bargain prices, and fewer tourists for easier enjoyment of popular attractions.

🥘 Eat a sumptuous dish: Welcome to the birthplace of Spain’s famous dish: paella! This traditional meal is made with saffron rice, chicken, snails, and beans. Try authentic paella at Restaurante Levante or Casa Roberto, or learn how to make it yourself in a cooking class.

🏰 Admire an eclectic cityscape: Valencia has an incredible architectural variety that could be explored for years. Witness impressive Roman architecture at the Valencia Cathedral, Gothic architecture at the Lonja de la Seda, or the ancient Moorish ruins of Torre del Angel.

🔥 Insider Tip: Not looking for anything in particular? Spend an afternoon hanging out along Paseo Maritimo, a wide pedestrian boulevard that traces the coastline. Locals like to set up stalls here and sell their crafts and goods in wintertime. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Sercotel Sorolla Palace (⭐️ 8.3) | Hotel Medium Valencia (⭐️ 8.0)

22. Lisbon, Portugal

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-61°F | 9°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 8

Lisbon in Portugal, One of the Best Places to Visit Europe in January for Warm Weather

☀️ Why visit in February: The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is home to iconic architecture, picturesque seaside districts, and a rich culture that’s hard to beat. As an amazing hot place in Europe in February, Lisbon offers mild weather, quieter streets, and epic celebrations.

💃🏻 Samba around the city: Lisbon lays claim to Portugal’s Carnival festival! Each year, locals flock to the streets for a vibrant parade down the Avenida da Liberdade. Dance to live Samba as you watch crazy-costumed performers. Then, enjoy nightlife festivities in Bairro Alto.

📸 Explore a postcard-worthy district: Alfama is Lisbon’s most charming historic neighborhood. Hilly cobblestoned streets lead to open-air markets, street art, and flower-lined vistas. Ride the yellow Tram 28, or visit the São Jorge Castle. The sweeping views from Miradouro das Portas do Sol are a must.

🔥 Insider Tip: Dealing with a rainy day? Spend a few hours exploring exhibits at the National Tile Museum. You’ll learn about the iconic blue ceramic azulejo tiles and see breathtaking examples of this traditional art. There are also plenty of cool day trips from Lisbon!

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel da Baixa (⭐️ 9.5) | Tivoli Oriente Hotel (⭐️ 8.6)

21. Málaga, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-64°F | 8°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 4

Malaga in Spain, One of the Warm Places in Europe January
Málaga, Spain – one of the best warm European countries in February

☀️ Why visit in February: The port city of Málaga in Andalusia is one of the best places to enjoy winter sun. Thanks to the surrounding mountains and sea, this city is shielded from the winds. During the day in February, it can get as warm as 75°F (24°C), which is almost beach weather.

🏝 Have a picnic at the beach: While February isn’t warm enough to go swimming in the sea, it’s still a wonderful time to sit on the shores and enjoy a meal with a view. There aren’t many places in Europe in the winter where you can enjoy the sun at the beach, but Málaga surely is.

💦 Take a warm dip: If you love a unique spa experience, don’t miss the traditional Hammam Al Ándalus, which offers massages, thermal baths, a steam room, and more. Moreover, the interior design there will take you right back to Muslim-ruled Andalusia (8th-11th century).

🔥 Insider Tip: Stop by Antigua Casa de Guardia for some exquisite local tapas and traditional sherry, which is very popular among locals.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Vincci Málaga (⭐️ 8.5) | Room Mate Valeria (⭐️ 9.1)

20. Catania (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 41°-61°F | 5°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

Catania in Sicily, Italy - Warmest Place in Europe November

☀️ Why visit in February: Home to impressive UNESCO sites, an authentic energy, and stunning natural scenery, Catania is a truly underrated Sicilian city. February offers mild weather, no tourists to compete with, and fun cultural festivities to keep visitors entertained.

🕯️ Honor a national saint: Sicily’s biggest religious festival happens in Catania: the Festa di Sant’Agata. Join the procession of Saint Agatha’s remains through Old Town on February 4th, lighting a candle amongst the crowds. Then, try the festival’s traditional cake: the cassatelle di Sant’Agata.

🏰 Witness an ancient charm: Catania has an impressive host of historical and cultural sites. Watch locals convene under the shadow of the cathedral in Piazza Del Duomo, visit the 13th-century Ursino Castle, and tour the world-famous Benedictine Monastery.

🔥 Insider Tip: Craving peace and solitude after the Sant’Agata festivities? Locals would tell you to visit the beautifully-curated Villa Bellini gardens. But go to the upper level – there are many more benches there for rest and reflection. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Palace Catania (⭐️ 8.7) | Piccadilly House (⭐️ 8.4)

19. Seville, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-64°F | 7°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

☀️ Why visit in February: Seville is the capital of Andalusia and one of the sunniest places in Europe. Even in February, temperatures are very mild. Plus, you can escape the crowds of the high season (April-June) as well as the extreme heat of the low season (July-August).

💃🏻 Catch a flamenco show: Seville is considered by many as the birthplace of flamenco, a style of Spanish folk music that involves the guitar, singing, and dancing. Head to one of the many tablaos (flamenco venues) in town to get a glimpse into this traditional folk art.

🧿 Admire art & architecture: There are several places in Seville that are known for their remarkable history and architecture, which includes a mix of Renaissance and Mudéjar styles. Don’t miss Plaza de España, Casa de Pilatos, the Royal Alcázar, and the Seville Cathedral.

🔥 Insider Tip: Seville is also deemed by many as the birthplace of tapas. Don’t leave town without sampling the absolute best tapas at Espacio Eslava, a locals’ favorite.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla (⭐️ 9.0) | Hotel Ateneo Sevilla (⭐️ 9.3)

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18. Barcelona, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-59°F | 8°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 4

Gaudi Architecture in Barcelona, Spain

☀️ Why visit in February: Barcelona is a stunning cosmopolitan city brimming with magnificent architecture, a thriving arts scene, and nonstop events. Consider visiting in February, when temps are mild and crowds are as minimal as they come in this globally popular destination.

🎉 Celebrate Old World tradition: Visiting on February 12th? You’re in town for Barcelona’s Santa Eulalia Festival. This traditional patron-saint winter festival includes a parade of giants in the Placa de Sant Josep Oriol, block parties across the city, and the fan-favorite el correfoc fire run!

🎨 Go on a Gaudi tour: The architect Gaudi has almost become synonymous with Barcelona. For just this small window in winter, Gaudi attractions aren’t swarmed with crowds! A visit to La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell are a must.

🔥 Insider Tip: Looking for a hip, off-the-beaten-path spot for a great city view? Head for the Bunkers El Carmel. These anti-aircraft defenses are abandoned and remote, and make for incredible sunset watch parties. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Arts Barcelona (⭐️ 8.4) | Vincci Gala (⭐️ 8.9)

17. Palermo (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-59°F | 9°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Palermo in Sicily, Italy - Warm Places to Go in February Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: Palermo, the vibrant capital of Sicily, offers an amazingly scenic and cultural city break in February, complete with pleasantly mild weather. Plus, if you’re a foodie, there’s really no better place to be: Palermo has some of the best street food in Europe!

🥘 Taste all the street food: A trip to Palermo is all about the food. There is so much street food to try here, from the well-known arancini and cannoli to more unique local specialties like sfincione (Sicilian pizza) and brioche con gelato. Find the most authentic street food on the best-rated Palermo Street Food Walking Tour.

🎨 Admire architecture: There are plenty of stunning historical attractions in Palermo, and they display a beautiful mix of architectural styles. Some of the most interesting architectural landmarks are the Palermo Cathedral, the Palatine Chapel, and the Pretoria Fountain.

🔥 Insider Tip: Stay either in the city center or the Old Town, because public transport in other areas is quite unreliable and you’d likely have trouble getting around.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Quattro Canti (⭐️ 8.8) | Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa (⭐️ 8.5)

16. Alicante, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-64°F | 7°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 2

The Cityscape of Alicante in Spain

☀️ Why visit in February: Alicante is a port city on sunny Spain’s southeastern coast. February in this city is pretty much always sunny and if there’s no wind, temperatures are quite pleasant. Plus, this is a great time to enjoy the art, food, and history in town with very few crowds.

🏰 Explore a castle on a hill: The Santa Bárbara Castle is a picturesque hilltop fortress that overlooks the sea. This 9th-century Islamic Alcazar boasts stunning ancient hallways, beautiful panoramic views of the coastline, and plenty of Moorish history.

🥘 Taste the flavours of the region: Enjoy the best tapas in town with a local guide on a Secret Flavors Food & Tapas Tour. On this 2-hour tasting tour, you’ll visit 10 different food locations, enjoy traditional Spanish drinks, and discover the history of the city.

🔥 Insider Tip: Take a day trip to the colourful town of Villajoyosa, which is just 45 mins away by tram. This unique beach town is characterized by rows of rainbow-coloured houses, adorable gardens, tons of beachfront restaurants, and all the tropical feels.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Spa Porta Maris by Melia (⭐️ 8.6) | Suites Alicante (⭐️ 9.1)

💎 Warm Places in February in Europe – Hidden Gems

15. Paphos, Cyprus

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-61°F | 7°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 8

Paphos in Cyprus, The Warmest Part of Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in February: The seaside paradise of Paphos is beloved for its remarkable ancient history, rich Mediterranean culture, and year-round sunny beaches. With virtually no tourists, Paphos is definitely one of the best places that are warm in Europe in February.

🌊 Marvel at a mythological seascape: The stunning deep-blue sea is intertwined with Paphos culture and mythology. Stroll along Paphos Harbor and grab a bite, or soak in the sun at the utterly breathtaking Coral Bay beach. Then, view Aphrodite’s Rock, the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite. 

🏰 Step into an ancient world: The timeless heartbeat of Paphos is all around. Wander the dusty, mosaiced ruins of the Nea Paphos Archeological Site, or marvel within the Tomb of the Kings, a 3rd-century BC necropolis. Don’t miss the ancient Ottoman Paphos Castle, either!

🔥 Insider Tip: Looking for more peace and serenity while in Cyprus? Find your center at the Agios Neophytos Monastery. This historic place is open to the public to explore, from its curated gardens to its cafe and quiet courtyard. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: The Ivi Mare (⭐️ 9.3) | Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos (⭐️ 9.2)

14. Marmaris, Turkey

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-61°F | 8°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 12

Marmaris in Turkey, One of the Warm Places Europe January

☀️ Why visit in February: Marmaris is a charming coastal town in southwest Turkey. While it is busy and noisy in the summer, the city provides a tranquil escape from the cold in the winter. With most tourist businesses shut in February, you’ll get to experience living like a local.

🏰 Wander the Old Town: Wandering the cobblestone streets of Marmaris’ historic center, you’ll come across Marmaris Castle and its museum, traditional stone houses, and hidden cafes. Perfect for history buffs, the Old Town has retained much of its original character.

🌿 Explore stunning nature: The Marmaris National Park covers the forested coastline of Marmaris Bay and is the perfect place to unwind under the soft February sun. There, you can hike or join a unique 3-hour horse safari tour that takes you through picturesque landscapes.

🔥 Insider Tip: Enjoy delicious seafood and splendid sea views at Jan De Wit Restaurant, which has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Sunset Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 9.0) | Mets Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 9.0)

13. Vejer de la Frontera, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 50°-61°F | 10°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

Vejer De La Frontera in Spain, One of the Best Places to Enjoy Warm Weather Europe January

☀️ Why visit in February: Vejer de la Frontera is one of the prettiest hidden gems in Andalusia, Spain. In February, it sees mild weather and very few tourists, making it an amazing winter sun escape for those who enjoy picturesque town walks, hikes, and authentic vibes.

🔮 Explore a hilltop town: Wandering the streets of Vejer de la Frontera, you’ll be mesmerized by the rows of whitewashed houses huddled together. You’ll also find lots of Moorish architecture scattered around, as this town was ruled by the Moors for over five centuries.

Admire art & architecture: The stunning Plaza de España features an ornate ceramic fountain and tons of bars and cafes. Be sure to also stop by the Castillo de Vejer — the highest point in town. You’ll be able to get stunning photos from its horseshoe arch.

🔥 Insider Tips: Enjoy some unique and exquisite tapas at Corredera 55 and keep Google Translate handy as many menus in restaurants are only in Spanish.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel La Casa del Califa (⭐️ 8.9) | Casa de los Abuelos 18 (⭐️ 9.1)

12. Castellammare del Golfo (Sicily), Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-59°F | 7°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Castellammare del Golfo in Italy, Where's Hot in Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in February: If you’re seeking a relatively warm place in Europe in February with a stunning waterfront, a mountainous backdrop, and plenty of hiking opportunities, then don’t overlook Castellammare del Golfo, a picturesque seaside town in northwestern Sicily.

🏰 Step back in time: The name ‘Castellammare del Golfo’ literally translates to ‘Sea Fortress on the Gulf’, so of course, there’s a large sea fortress in town to explore. The Arab Norman Castle dates all the way back to the Arab rule of Sicily (827 – 1061 AD). Inside the castle, there’s a small museum showcasing the town’s history and local archaeological finds.

🌿 Hike for the best views: While the views from the waterfront are already postcard-worthy, February is the perfect time to hike to the summit of Monte Inici. The trail takes you through stunning pine woodlands, and the view up top is totally worth it.

🔥 Insider Tip: For the most breathtaking meal with a view, head to La Tavernetta.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Antico Canale (⭐️ 9.6) | Ai Gradini (⭐️ 9.4) | Sopra Le Mura (⭐️ 9.4)

11. Ronda, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-59°F | 7°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 21

Ronda in Spain - Hottest Place Europe February

☀️ Why visit in February: The hidden gem of Ronda is an Andalusian town of spectacular landscapes and historic sites, with a rich cultural heritage to experience. Visit in February for annual cultural events, mild weather, and minimal tourists.

🏞 Visit a jaw-dropping gorge: The most remarkable feature of Ronda is its geographical location, situated on a high-elevation promontory over a dramatic gorge. Take in these magnificent gorge views at Puente Nuevo, a postcard-worthy bridge with breathtaking viewpoints of the waterfall and flowing river below.

🗿 Uncover Andalusian history: The rich cultural heritage of Ronda can be discovered at many different historic sites. Walk through the excavated rooms of the ancient Arab Baths. To learn about the nation’s bittersweet bullfighting history, head to the Toros de Ronda, the birthplace of bullfighting.

🔥 Insider Tip: Ronda has its own unique Carnival celebration in the last week of February. Live music, fun floats, and parades process down the Calle la Bolla and end at the Toros de Ronda bullring. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera (⭐️ 9.5) | Catalonia Ronda (⭐️ 9.2)

10. Limassol, Cyprus

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-64°F | 9°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Limassol in Cyprus, Where is Warm in Europe in January

☀️ Why visit in February: Limassol is a charming coastal city in southern Cyprus filled with cultural, natural, and historical wonders. By visiting in February, you can sightsee without the crowds, hike in pleasant temperatures, and snatch awesome airfare deals.

🏛 Explore ancient ruins: Limassol is home to Ancient Kourion, one of Cyprus’ most spectacular archaeological sites. This ancient city-kingdom dates back to the Neolithic age, though today, you’ll see lots of ruins from the Greco-Roman era. Some key ruins include those of a small theater and a 5th-century Byzantine basilica.

🌿 Chase waterfalls: February is a great time to hike in Limassol as temperatures are mild and there’s a warm breeze. The stunning Kalidonia Waterfalls can be reached via a 1.4-mile (2.4 km) trail. Other worthy hikes nearby are the Pouziaris Trail and the Trooditissa-Foini Trail.

🔥 Insider Tip: For some fresh seafood right on the waterfront, head to the scenic Old Limassol Beach Bar & Restaurant.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Parklane Resort & Spa (⭐️ 9.2) | Mediterranean Beach Hotel (⭐️ 8.3)

9. Estepona, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 52°-63°F | 11°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Estepona in Spain - Warm Destinations in February Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: The Andalusian town of Estepona is a seaside getaway brimming with ancient wonders, an enchanting historic center, and beautiful beaches for anyone looking for a gorgeous respite. February offers warm Mediterranean days and off-season prices that visitors will appreciate.  

🌿 Climb a dramatic range: The black-pine-forested Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja mountain range is a wonder for nature lovers. View rare plant life as you climb the 2.1-mile Los Reales mountain loop trail, or spot mountain goats along the 7.4-mile Pico Los Reales loop. 

🌸 Smell the flowers: Of all the historic districts in Andalusia, Estepona is one of the most magical ones. Simply wander the quaint, whitewashed streets adorned with colorful flowers. Then, stroll along the oceanfront promenade or view enchanting florals at the Orchid House.

🔥 Insider Tip: Into Moorish history? There are unassuming ruins to discover in Old Town: the Castillo de San Luis. Its 15th-century castle walls can be seen along the Calle Castillo. Hungry for more info? Pop into the Old Town Hall archeological museum. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Estepona Holiday Hills (⭐️ 9.3) | Las Dunas Hotel Health & Spa (⭐️ 8.7)

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8. Marbella, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-64°F | 8°-18°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 4

Marbella in Spain - Warm Places Europe February

☀️ Why visit in February: The resort destination of Marbella lays claim to pristine sandy beaches, waterfront esplanades, and numerous green spaces for relaxing. While tourists flock to the Andalusian coast in summer, Marbella in winter enjoys sunny days, no crowds, and cheaper rates.

🌿 Bask in Costa del Sol life: Marbella’s year-round sunny weather lives up to the Costa del Sol name, making for enjoyable outdoor activities even in winter. Explore Alameda Park, a palm tree-lined promenade featuring Salvador Dali sculptures, or the lush-canopied Alameda Park, with its historic fountain.

Score a hole-in-one: The luxurious Marbella vibe can be felt in its numerous golf courses, impressively curated with beautiful scenery. Tee up in the hills of the Marbella Golf Country Club, visit the pro shop at Cabopino, or end your game at the Los Naranjos wine cellar.

🔥 Insider Tip: The sandy beaches of Marbella are a huge draw. One of the city’s most beloved is Cabopino Beach, a 25-mile stretch of sand. A little hint: the Playa Artola section is “clothing optional”. It’s a popular spot for the LGBTQ+ community.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Puente Romano Beach Resort (⭐️ 8.8) | Marbella Club Hotel (⭐️ 9.2)

🌡️ Average February temperature: 52°-62°F | 11°-17°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

7. Cádiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain - Hot Countries in February Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: Cádiz, one of the oldest European cities, is home to an incredible ancient history, stunning seafront scenery, and captivating cobblestoned neighborhoods. Mild Mediterranean weather and a top Spanish festival make for a great February getaway.

🌊 Soak up seaside views: Situated along the southern Spanish coast, Cádiz is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful beaches and architecture lining the ocean. Admire the old church in the San Juan de Dios plaza. Then, stroll the Paseo Fernando Quinones to San Sebastian Castle island, taking in the deep-green sea.

🎉 Have fun all night long: For its small size, Cádiz really knows how to throw a larger-than-life celebration. Enjoy Cadiz Carnival by throwing on a crazy costume and joining the street processions, alive with amusing characters and satirical performances. On Saturday night, the party rages on all night.

🔥 Insider Tip: Really invested in Carnival happenings? The uniqueness of Cadiz Carnival lies in its satirical singing competitions that draw a national crowd. To watch the showdown, grab tickets for the Gran Teatro de Falla.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Tandem Torres de Cádiz (⭐️ 8.8) | Hotel Boutique Convento (⭐️ 8.7)

🏝 Hottest Places in Europe in February – Islands

6. Corfu, Greece

🌡️ Average February temperature: 43°-57°F | 6°-14°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 9

Cape Drastis in the Island of Corfu in Greece, One of the Best Places to Go in January Europe

☀️ Why visit in February: Imagine turquoise blue waters and lush green landscapes on a dreamy Greek island. Now imagine having all of that to yourself. Corfu barely sees tourists in February, revealing its beautiful authentic side. Bars, restaurants, and tavernas remain open, while tourist traps close doors. Plus, expensive sea view rooms are now half the price.

🥘 Experience local culture: Corfu is surrounded by idyllic mountain villages that showcase authentic traditions you won’t find in other parts of Greece. Explore the picturesque villages of Lakones, Pelekas, and Vatos to taste local cuisine and learn about ancient traditions.

💦 Enjoy coastal walks: February’s mild weather is perfect for embarking on scenic seaside hikes in Corfu. These trails take you through some truly jaw-dropping scenery and stunning beaches. Don’t miss the breathtaking Cape Drastis Loop walk or the short Porto Timoni hike!

🔥 Insider Tip: Want to visit something unique and enchanting? Make your way to the 17th-century Vlacherna Monastery, nestled on a small inlet you can only access by footpath or boat. Admire its mystical, whitewashed beauty. 

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Joseph Apartment (⭐️ 8.9) | Acanthus Blue (⭐️ 9.6)

5. Aeolian Islands, Italy

🌡️ Average February temperature: 46°-59°F | 8°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 9

Lipari in Aeolian Islands, Italy - Weather in Europe February

☀️ Why visit in February: The Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago near Sicily, are home to unique heritage traditions, stunning natural beauty, and a charming, slow-paced lifestyle. This hidden gem is serene in the February off-season, ideal for cheap accommodations and unbridled access to local culture.

🌋 Warm up at a volcano: Breathtaking, almost-mythical volcanoes dominate the Aeolian landscapes. Hike up Stromboli, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, to the Sciara del Fuoco viewpoint. Or, visit Vulcano to unwind in the toasty volcanic mud bath of Laghetto di Fanghi. 

🎆 Immerse in local lore: The practices and holidays celebrated by Aeolian locals are hundreds of years old. Every February 13th, Lipari celebrates the life of San Bartolo dei Pescatori. Ask a local for the backstory, then watch the symbolic, costumed procession of a fishing pole, ending in fireworks.

🔥 Insider Tip: There’s something so ancient imbued in the fabric of the islands and their local stories. Are you staying in Lipari? Uncover some of the millennia-old history of this region at the Archeological Museum, brimming with treasured artifacts.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Casa Papiro B&B (⭐️ 8.8) | Diana Brown B&B Affittacamere (⭐️ 9.3)

4. Mallorca, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 45°-59°F | 7°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 5

The Coast of Mallorca in Spain

☀️ Why visit in February: Home to pristine beaches, interesting historic sites, and vibrant city living, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca draws beachgoers and leisure seekers alike. In February, visitors can make the most of major discounts on resorts, quieter beaches, and tons of sunshine.

🌊 Hide away in sea caves: Mallorca is riddled with secret sea caves that were used centuries ago by pirates as hiding places. Retrace their path and boat across the Drach Caves’ underground lake. Or, take a guided tour of Campanet Caves, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. 

🎉 Celebrate with locals: Move over, Rio: Mallorca has its own epic Carnival celebration! The Sa Rua Festival is all about street parties, fun costumes, and high-energy excitement. Head to Palma for the Sa Rua adult parade or the Sa Rueta children’s parade. 

🔥 Insider Tip: The beaches of Mallorca are usually jam-packed with people during high season, so February’s the time to enjoy a serene day on the coast. Walk along the deep-blue waters of Calo Des Moro and savor the tranquility.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: GPRO Valparaiso & Spa (⭐️ 8.5) | Castillo Hotel Son Vida (⭐️ 9.1)

3. Paros, Greece

🌡️ Average February temperature: 52°-59°F | 11°-15°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 9

Paros in Greece - Hot Places in Europe November

☀️ Why visit in February: Paros is an Aegean Sea island known for its opulent architecture, soft-sand beaches beside deep-blue waters, and glamorous port towns. With mild winters and slashed low-season prices, Paros is one of the best warm places to go in Europe in February.

🔮 Visit a twinkling fairytale town: On the hunt for the most picturesque Greek village? Naoussa is so magical it feels like a dream. Pose for photos at whitewashed Agios Antonios church, stroll the cobblestoned waterfront harbor at sunset, then enjoy a seafood dinner under string lights at Taverna Glafkos

🎈 Let your kite soar: Every February 27th, Paros celebrates a public holiday called ‘Clean Monday’ by taking to the beaches with kites. Head to breezy Kolymbithres Beach, or the lively Lageri Beach to watch colorful kites sailing in the sky. Or, bring your own to fly!

🔥 Insider Tip: Fan of Italian design and culture? You can find a slice of Venetian flair in the town of Parikia, where the Old Town’s domed church and colorful balconies are heavily influenced by Venetian architecture.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Dahlia Apartments (⭐️ 9.6) | Central Boutique Hotel (⭐️ 8.8)

2. Gozo, Malta

🌡️ Average February temperature: 48°-61°F | 9°-16°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 7

Gozo in Malta - Warmest Places in Europe November

☀️ Why visit in February: The Mediterranean island of Gozo is home to beautiful beach scenery, epic water recreation, and culturally rich towns that any type of traveler can find entertainment and relaxation in. The off-season month of February offers verdant landscapes and plenty of cultural events. 

🌿 Embark on a cliff walk: Gozo’s seaside landscapes, with dramatic cliffs and pristine beaches, are magnificent. The limestone Ta’Cenc Cliffs are the highest in Gozo. Starting at the Ta’Cenc Hotel, feel in awe as you meander along the footpath that follows the coastline, offering sweeping sea vistas.

🌊 Hike along a sea canyon: The mild February weather is a great time to enjoy epic outdoor recreation. Take to the trails that follow the spectacular Wied I-Ghasri, a picturesque sea canyon lined with cliffs. Find its secret swimming holes and rocky beaches hidden within.

🔥 Insider Tip: It’s time to expand your palate! Maltese cuisine is a unique blend of traditions that visitors can’t get enough of. Make sure to try pastizzi, pastry pockets filled with ricotta or peas. Rabbit pie, olives, and Maltese sausage are also staples.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Casa Gemelli Guesthouse (⭐️ 9.4) | Kempinski San Lawrenz (⭐️ 8.9)

1. Canary Islands, Spain

🌡️ Average February temperature: 57°-68°F | 14°-20°C
💧 Average rainy days in February: 3

The Island of Tenerife, The Warmest Place Europe January

☀️ Why visit in February: The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, are rich in magnificent landscapes, endemic wildlife, and a plethora of outdoor activities for nature lovers and adventurers. February is an ideal time to savor the idyllically warm, sunny weather.

🌸 Admire the pink blossoms: You’re just in time for a natural spectacle: the almond trees in full bloom. Across the rolling hills of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, these trees glow with pink blossoms. Follow the colorful trails of Santiago del Teide or Vilaflor for photo-worthy perspectives.

🎉 Watch Carnival royalty: The Tenerife Carnival is a major annual festival for the Canary Islands. Watch its Carnival Queen Gala, where dazzlingly dressed women compete for the crown. See the royals parade through the streets, and break out your best costume to dance the night away.

🔥 Insider Tip: If the significance of the almond trees interests you, don’t miss out on the Almond Blossom Festival in Puntagorda on La Palma. Not only is the region marvelous with blooming trees, but it hosts fun events like the almond cascade competition.

🏡 WHERE TO STAY: Royal River & Spa (⭐️ 9.4) | Lani’s Suites de Luxe (⭐️ 9.8)

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🌡️ Weather in Europe in February + Travel Tips

Now that you’ve read about the best hot countries in Europe in February, here are some essential travel tips to help you make the most of your trip.

🧥 Bring layers: Even places with the best weather in Europe in February can be unpredictable. During the day, you might experience wind in many of the warm places mentioned in this guide, despite their high temperatures. Moreover, temperatures drop massively at night, so bring warm clothes and check that your hotel has adequate heating.

🔮 Pre-book in advance: Some destinations in this guide, such as the Canary Islands, actually experience their high tourist season in the winter. Be sure to research your chosen destination and book hotels and restaurants in advance. Booking flights early is also a good way to snatch the best deals.

Check opening hours: Depending on the location, some attractions might not stay open in the winter or might operate with reduced opening hours. While all the places in this guide are tourist-friendly in February, be sure to check the opening hours of specific attractions to avoid disappointment.

Lagos in Algarve, Portugal
Lagos, Portugal – one of the best warm cities in Europe in February

🌟 More Tips for Warm Countries in Europe in February

Paros in Greece - Hot in February Holidays Europe
Paros, Greece – one of the best hot places to go in Europe in February

🌸 Where in Europe is Hot in February: Recap

I hope this article has given you tons of inspiration about where to soak up the winter sun in Europe in February. From the lush islands of Portugal to the scenic coasts of Italy, the possibilities are endless. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, don’t forget that there are also tons of remarkable hidden gems on the continent!

Lipari in Aeolian Islands, Italy - Weather Europe in February
Lipari in the Aeolian Islands, Italy – where to go in Europe in February for sun

I hope you were inspired by these warm destinations in Europe in February!

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