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The Diary of a Nomad - Travel Blog

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This travel & photography blog has a special love for less-visited destinations. Places you might have never thought of visiting. Places you might have deemed unsafe. I shine a spotlight on these underrated locations; showing you how accessible & remarkable they are through my detailed guides & photos. I hope to inspire you to visit them too!


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About me

Hi! I’m a Jiayi. The one question I always dread getting asked is “where are you from?” I was born in China, grew up in Italy, and spent the rest of my life all over the world. I’ve never fully identified with just one culture or place, and still can’t.

This travel blog was born out of my appreciation for all the diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives the world has blessed me with since I was a kid. I hope you find my insights and tips helpful!

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Jiayi Wang - The Founder of The Diary of a Nomad Travel Blog

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